Clueless in Manhattan

This week’s New York Times Magazine features a long–interminable, really–article on bloggers. Consistent with the Times’ world-view, it focuses entirely on left-wing bloggers, and goes on for pages about Wonkette, by whom the writer, Matthew Klam, is clearly fascinated. The Times justifies its exclusive focus on the left side of the blogosphere by saying that the traffic of “conservative” bloggers Glenn Reynolds and Mickey Kaus has “flat-lined,” while traffic on Kos and Atrios has taken off.
Putting aside 1) the characterization of Reynolds and Kaus (both of whom I admire greatly) as conservatives, and 2) the absurd claim that their traffic has flat-lined, I would note that traffic has been booming at this site, currently number four among political sites in the Truth Laid Bear’s traffic rankings, far above Wonkette, notwithstanding the fact that she is indisputably better-looking than we are.
I linked to the Times story, but I don’t recommend that you read it. I couldn’t get through it. The Times is not exactly on the cutting edge these days.
By the way, I’m going to be appearing on a panel with Markos Zuniga (the Daily Kos) and Ana Marie Cox (Wonkette) next month at a college in Pennsylvania. I’ll pass on my impressions when I return.
UPDATE: The Evangelical Outpost argues that we’re missing the point, and the Times article actually ripped the left-wing bloggers mercilessly. This could be right; I’ll admit that if the Times article had a point, I missed it.


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