The Democrats Hit Bottom

Of all the contemptible things the Dems have done during this election cycle, the “reinstate the draft” rumor is the most vile. A reader forwarded to us the following email, which is being sent to a countless number of young Americans by the “Rock the Vote” people, an ostensibly non-partisan group:

This is not a real draft, but a real one may happen soon if the current situation doesn’t improve.
As it is, our military is stretched almost to the breaking point trying to maintain troop levels in Iraq and around the world. If Pakistan, North Korea or other nations begin to pose new military threats, how would we expect to meet the demand for troops?
Did you know that:
* It would only take two to three days for Congress and the President to authorize a draft and set the Selective Service System’s plans in motion?
* Twenty-year-olds would be the first to be inducted?
* Women are very likely to be included in the next draft?
It’s up to us to educate ourselves. In the event of a draft, we won’t have much time to form an opinion. And with just 34 days left until the election and only a few days left before many state registration deadlines, we need to take a stand now by registering to vote:
Copy this URL into your web browser to get the facts about a potential draft, and to find out what you can do:
Rock The Vote
Alliance For Security

This is a time when serious issues need to be debated. But the Democrats are incapable of anything but the lowest form of demagoguery.


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