Good news from down under

Boss Hog writes from Australia:

It’s now 8.57 p.m. EST on Saturday October 9 here in East Coast Australia. The Australian federal election took place today. The Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, a strong supporter of George Bush, was defending his Premiership against huge criticism from the Australian mainstream media and from the Australian Labor Party (the left-wing federal opposition) over his support for the war in Iraq. The polls closed less than 3 hours ago but already it is clear that Prime Minister Howard has not only retained government but has also increased his majority. This is the best possible news for the Coalition of the Willing and, hopefully, a harbinger for George W.’s defence of his Presidency. All of the best from all True Blue Aussies – yippee!

And Niels Kjellerup writes:

The anti-American labour leader Mark Latham, who campaigned on pulling out Australian troops out of Iraq & the coalition of the willing (are you listening Kerry) has gotten his nose bloodied in the Australian election; not only could his party not gain any seats from the Government, it now seems certain that Prime Minister Howard has increased his coalition’s majority from 13 to somewhere between 18-22. What won Howard his fourth term in Government was his steadfast support of the US on war on terror and his Governments handling of the economy.
America, listen up –


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