Stolen Honor

Take a look at the documentary that Big Brother wants to keep under wraps: “Stolen Honor.”
UPDATE: Reader Ron Culver writes:

Just left the Stolen Honor website after a 2 hour visit (watched the entire feed, then bought the CD) – but was disappointed in discovering flaws in the on-line broadband feed – a complete loss of voice-over (music was there, Carlton Sherwood obviously speaking in the first) in three places:
32:57 to 33:19
35:00 to 35:16
36:21 to 36:45
(I was using MS media player.) I spent considerable time verifying the problem. BUT – there was no contact email to refer to on the website – so, I went looking at the domain registration and sent mail to the registrant in hope of helping them correct the problem. If you know a contact – it will help avoid some embarrassment for these folks if you can get the info to them in a somewhat timely manner.
You might want to alert your readers that this problem exists, and that those responsible for the website content have been contacted about it. Admittedly it is a minor fault in an otherwise devastating indictment against John Kerry – and the American people who fell for his lies, and the lies of MSM during the Vietnam era which continue today. It is no wonder that every anti-war leftist and media don


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