Who’s Serious?

Haider Ajinas is an American of Iraqi and German parentage who lives in northern California. His father and uncle are in Iraq, and Haider believes that American news coverage of the situation there is one-sided and grossly misleading. He has sent us some photos and information about developments in Iraq that we will be posting from time to time. Also, Haider is fluent in Arabic, and tells us that there are important developments in the Arab world that are going completely unreported in the American press, many of them positive. We look forward to bringing you his translations of important news stories in the Arab press.
Press accounts of the performance of Iraqi soldiers has been mixed, at best. Few of those who ridicule the Iraqi soldiers, however, have faced danger as they have. The photo below shows an Iraqi soldier with Iraq’s flag across his back. It appeared in an Iraqi newspaper; the caption says: “Guard & Look out: Iraqi solder from the national guard at a check point in the


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