Cloma has left the building

How goes the Kerry get-out-the-vote effort in Nevada? The Las Vegas Review Journal reports in “Thirty take bus rides to vote for Kerry.” The Review Journal tries to put a positive spin on the results, but the story shrieks of failure:

It wasn’t the most successful get-out-the-vote effort in history, but it meant a lot to Las Vegas Democrat Cloma Williams.
She was one of about 30 people who were shuttled directly from Tuesday’s rally for John Kerry to an early voting site at the Boulevard Mall in buses provided by the Kerry campaign.

How unsuccessul was the day’s effort?

A line of six buses waited to shuttle Kerry supporters to early voting sites as the rally at Jaycees Park ended. In the end, only two of the buses were needed to carry voters to the polls.

Bury my heart in Yucca Mountain! (Courtesy of reader Jerry Cornwell.)


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