Deja vu all over again

Yesterday, in “For whom the Minnesota Poll tolls,” I anticipated that the Minneapolis Star Tribune would release a poll on Sunday that would show John Kerry pulling away from President Bush in Minnesota. Whatever its other defects, the Star Tribune cannot be faulted for unreliability.
Exactly as anticipated, Sunday’s Star Tribune reports that John Kerry has opened a 49-41 lead over President Bush in the results of the latest Star Tribune Minnesota Poll: “Minnesota Poll: Kerry opens a lead.” The Star Tribune story also reports that the (far more reliable) St. Paul Pioneer Press/MPR Mason-Dixon Poll released today shows the race essentially tied, with Bush leading 48-47: “Bush, Kerry in dead heat.”
As has become the tradition, the Star Tribune attributes the discrepancy to the “volatility” of the voters. I, on the other hand, attribute the discrepancy to the “inaccuracy” of the Minnesota Poll. Sickening.


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