Kerry’s Legacy

The lack of coverage by the mainstream media of the issues related to John Kerry’s military record and his behavior as an antiwar leader is an almost unbelievable scandal. Of course it goes hand in hand with the fabricated and fraudulent stories to which the mainstream media have devoted their resources. The mainstream media’s combination of nonfeasance and malfeasance will travel far with us along our road after election day.
We have previously expressed our admiration for the efforts of the Swift Vets and POWs for Truth and of the Vietnam veterans, many aged, some infirm, answering the call of duty one last time, to draw attention to these issues and to defend their honor and that of their fallen comrades.
Today former Vietnam POW Paul Galanti, a man who spent 2,432 days in captivity, returns with a column in the the Richmond Times-Dispatch that amounts to a closing statement: “Kerry’s Legacy: No one who has aided the enemy deserves to become president.” (Courtesy of Lucianne.)


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