President Bush’s honorable service

During the Democratic national convention, John Edwards asked America to judge John Kerry by the statements of those who served with him in Vietnam. The only problem was that the MSM was doing its best to hide most of these statements from the American public. Once that problem was overcome, the Democrats lost interest in the views Kerry’s “brothers” and, in fact, chose to slander many of these brave men.
President Bush asks to be judged by his record as president. However, the views of his military brothers are available here at at WingmenForBush. The Wingmen have issued a press release expressing their outrage at John Kerry’s claim, on the Today show, that George Bush did not put his life on the line for his country. Consider, for example, the statement of Silver Star recipient Col. Tom Lockhart (Ret.). Col. Lockhart spent 24 months serving in the Vietnam War as a fighter pilot. In 1969, he trained then-Lt. Bush to fly jet aircraft at Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta, Georgia. He says:

John Kerry, your statement on national
television, which implied that George W. Bush did not put his life on
the line indicated that you simply don’t know what it means to fly
fighter aircraft. This has historically been the most dangerous
assignment that any military officer could choose, and that danger
exists in training for combat as well as in combat. Mr. Kerry, your
comments disparage the National Guard and are a disgrace, especially
in light of the current commitment of Guard troops to Iraqi Freedom. I flew with George W. Bush, and I can attest to his skill as a fighter pilot. All fighter pilots put our lives on the line every time we strap on a jet fighter. Bush stepped up and volunteered for this very risky service to his country in a time of crises.

The Wingmen also note that they are not alone in their support for Bush and their disapproval of Kerry. They cite an Army Times poll showing that at least 75% of the military is voting for Bush. The Wingmen have also posted a letter from the famed Easy Company “Band of Brothers” WW II paratroopers that condemns Kerry’s use of the title “Band of Brothers” in his 1971 Senate testimony which accused his “brothers” of commiting war crimes.
It is truly astounding to think that the U.S. may be on the verge of electing as its president a man who aided the enemy during a time of war. And it is shameful that this same man denigrates the contribution of millions of men and women who loyally served this country during the Vietnam era.
Hat tip: Laura Armstrong.


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