In Enemy Territory

Not “enemy,” exactly. The people at NBC couldn’t have been nicer. But I certainly spent the day yesterday in “opponents’ territory.” Here is an anecdote that illustrates what I mean.
Early in the day, a very young woman who was working as an assistant producer leaned over to me and whispered, “Are you the conservative?” I said Yes. “Don’t tell anyone,” she whispered, “but I’m on your side.” I asked whether it is tough to be a conservative at NBC. She said that she tries not to talk about it, but every once in a while a co-worker gets wind of the fact that she is a Republican. The universal response, she said, was “You should be working at Fox.”
Which tends to confirm what you always thought about the networks. If you’re a Republican, the only home for you is at Fox. Here at ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN? It’s Democrats Only.
UPDATE: It may be opponents’ territory, but it’s beautiful. Spending the day at Rockefeller Center was a lot of fun; this shot is of Democracy Plaza, which I guess is the new name for Rockefeller Plaza, where the skating rink is:
I wasn’t outside in the plaza last night, with Brokaw and Russert. I was in the concourse, which I referred to in a post as the “basement”–the correction was made gently by an engineer at the Center who is a Power Line reader.


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