We don’t think much of Eva Braun either

This member of the “reality based community” takes exception to Power Line’s reproduction of the New York Post’s “Arafat Lady Sings” headline and picture. Indeed, the blogger thinks that we have demonstrated why “the lot of Republicans [are] lower than pondscum” and why “the world hates us.” The blogger acknowledges that “opinion about Arafat is going to be split.” However, he thinks we should at least respect the grieving widow.
I can see how those who think that reasonable opinion can “split” when it comes to the bloodiest, most corrupt terrorist ever might be offended by the Post headline. But we’re not sufficiently reality-based to have so even-handed a view.
UPDATE: Hillary Clinton is among the even-handed, or was in late 1999 when, as Kitty Litter reminds us, she kissed Suha after listening to the Arafat Lady rail against the Israelis for poisoning Palestinian children. Meanwhile, The New York Post speculates as to the Suha’s payoff for divulging where Arafat’s fortune can be found. According to one report, she’ll get $22 million per year.
HINDROCKET adds: I’d never heard of this blogger, and I’m sure that Deacon’s link sent him way more traffic than he’s ever seen before. I’m afraid, too, that our readers gave him more than he bargained for. I can’t help noting, though, that our original post was pretty mild: we expressed appreciation for what we termed the New York Post’s “outrageous pun.” Somehow I think Suha will manage to survive. In response to our post, the liberal that Deacon linked to (I don’t know his name) said that we lack decency and sensitivity; that we are lower than pondscum; that we have no shame; and that our lack of decency explains why the world hates us (“us” being, I take it, the United States of America, not Deacon, the Trunk and me).
Hyperbole is not in short supply in today’s Democratic Party. It’s hard, though, to take seriously a blogger who defends Arafat and links to Al Jazeera, but thinks that we are the ones without shame or decency.
DEACON adds: I don’t know if this cuts for us or against us, but CNN’s Aaron Brown showed off the front page in question during the newspaper segment of his nightly newscast and praised the wit of the New York Post’s headline writers.


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