While Senator Norm Coleman keeps digging on the oil-for-food scandal, it appears that Rep. Henry Hyde is also making progress as chairman of the House Committee on International Relations. Fox News reports that Rep. Hyde is set to announce: “Oil-for-Food money went to Palestinian bombers’ famililes.” According to the report:

Investigators working for Illinois Republican Rep. Henry Hyde, chairman of the panel, are expected to say they have traced funds from former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s kickback scheme through a Jordanian bank and into the hands of families of bombers who attacked Israeli citizens.

UPDATE: Reader Daniel Aronstein comments:

NOT “oil for murder,” BUT “OIL FOR GENOICIDE.”

In today’s Washington Times Bill Gertz adds “U.N. deserted leads in oil-for-food investigation,” and in today’s New York Times Judith Miller adds “French bank is a focus of oil inquiry.”


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