A match made in heaven

Jonathan Klein is the former CBS executive who famously came to the defense of Dan Rather and 60 Minutes at the outset of Hurricane Dan. On September 10, Klein appeared on Fox News to debate Weekly Standard writer Stephen Hayes regarding the bogus 60 Minutes II story that had run on the evening of September 8 and that had been exposed as a fraud on the blogosphere on the morning of September 9.
Klein dismissed us and other of the bloggers who had attacked the authenticity of the memos on which Rather based the 60 Minutes story:

“You couldn’t have a starker contrast between the multiple layers of check and balances [at CBS News] and a guy sitting in his living room in his pajamas writing what he thinks.”

These words should be chiseled in the granite of Black Rock right beneath “What’s the frequency, Kenneth?” Today Reuters reports that CNN has named Klein its new president overseeing U.S. news: “CNN hires new president for its U.S. news group.”


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