Bloggers Force Retirement of 73-Year-Old Newsman

Scrappleface seems to think that bloggers shouldn’t be too triumphant over the retirement of Dan Rather:

(2004-11-24) — The blogosphere, an ad hoc network of news commentary web journals created by pajama-clad scribes who write so well they don’t need editors, claimed another triumph this week, forcing the retirement of Dan Rather, a 73-year-old news anchor whose show ranked a distant third in a field of three.
“We have put the MSM [main stream media] on notice,” wrote one unnamed blogger. “If we can do this to a septuagenarian at the sunset of his career, who can withstand our withering firepower?”
The official unnamed spokesman for the blogosphere said the next target for “Operation Early Retirement” is 86-year-old CBS correspondent Mike Wallace.


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