Comic Books to Chronicle Iraq War

Karl Zinsmeister is the editor of American Enterprise magazine, one of the best political publications in America. Karl has been an embedded journalist in Iraq, and has written two excellent books, Boots on the Ground and Dawn Over Baghdad, about his experiences. Now, as reader Michael Turner notes, Karl has branched out into a new medium: comic books. He has authored a series of Marvel comic books called Combat Zone: True Tales of GIs in Iraq. Click to enlarge:

Here is how Marvel describes the first comic in the series:

Combat comics are taken to a whole new level! Three months in the lives of the 82nd Airborne in the Battle for Iraq are chronicled in this groundbreaking series…. In chapter one, “Paratroopers Over the Border,” American paratroopers in northern Kuwait must contend with choking sandstorms, high-adrenaline training, and the hair-trigger tension that dominates the tense run-up to war in Iraq.

I like it–this is a medium in which the liberals will have a hard time competing. By the way, wasn’t “Combat Zone” the name of a ’60s television series about World War II?
UPDATE: Our readers are really smart, even though some of them spent the ’60s watching television. Several readers have emailed us to say that the series was titled “Combat” and starred Rick Jason and Vic Morrow. Morrow later died in a helicopter accident while filming the Twilight Zone movie.
UPDATE: Ed Driscoll says the left has made some inroads into comic book culture. OK, point taken–but I still say our message is more comic book friendly, as the Marvel site shows, than the Saddam/Kofi/Kerry/McDermott message–whatever that may be.


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