RU 4 the troops hits Rutgers

Reader Glenn Patterson has kindly sent us the link to this “man bites dog” news story: “Rutgers unfurls support as students back troops in Iraq.” I hope we’ll be hearing more from Ms. Rachel Kent — I could listen to her all day:

Members of the student group RU 4 the Troops gathered on the steps of the Brower Commons yesterday afternoon to collect signatures on flags, which will be sent to American Troops.
“They deserve so much while they are fighting for us over there and I deeply respect them for it,” said sophomore Rachel Kent, the founder and president of RU 4 the Troops. “If we can raise any kind of awareness on campus or gather a few items, it all helps.”
In addition to collecting signatures for the large white flags with yellow ribbons –which read “We Support Our Troops, Come Home Soon” in big black letters — the group collected money to send care packages to soldiers. Candy canes, which could be personalized with a little message for a dollar donation, will also be sent to the troops.
“Lots of people think college students are apathetic and they don’t care, but that’s not true,” Kent said. “We support our troops and want to show them that they are not forgotten.”

You’ll want to read the whole thing.


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