Ballot Box Stuffed?

In a matter of hours, Daily Kos and Eschaton have come out of nowhere to lead the Wizbang “Best Blog” competition. Maybe a whole lot of liberals just discovered the contest, and maybe someone stuffed the ballot box. In any event, we don’t mind (much) getting edged out by Glenn Reynolds or Charles Johnson, but we really, really don’t want to lose to Markos Moulitsos or Atrios. If you go here, you can vote once per day per computer.
UPDATE by BIG TRUNK: Charles the Great renders his verdict with his usual acuity in “These people are nuts.”
HINDROCKET adds: This is sickening, but typical. Kevin Aylward of Wizbang goes to a lot of trouble to set up a competition that is intended to recognize as many blogs as possible and introduce people to blogs they don’t already know. It’s done in a spirit of fun, and relies on a modicum of good faith among the participants. But liberals don’t seem to be able to do anything honestly, to follow the most minimal standards of sportsmanship, or to do anything in a spirit of good will and good humor. Since Kevin hasn’t designed the competition using national security-level safeguards against cheating, the liberals think it’s OK to ruin the contest for everyone else by writing code that racks up thousands of fictitious votes for “their” blogs. Not only do they see nothing wrong with this, they brag about it openly.
I got to know Kevin during the Republican convention. He’s a good guy and I know that he takes a lot of pride in the Weblog awards, and invests a lot of work in setting them up. Now he’s been put in an impossible situation where he must either disqualify the liberal blogs en masse for cheating, or let them ruin the contest. Is this a big deal? No, but that’s sort of the point. The liberals’ instinct to cheat is so strong that they can’t even participate in a fun little contest without trying to spoil it for everyone else. That’s sad, but, as I said, it’s also typical.


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