Capt. Hartney and Sgt. Missick report

Army Captain Richard Hartney writes from Baghdad:

I’m concerned about the MSM’s portrayal of yesterday’s SECDEF comments in Kuwait. The articles I’ve seen are blatantly trying to paint Soldiers as dissatisfied with and even hostile to Secretary Rumsfeld, which I know from personal experience not to be the case. Certainly every Soldier has his own opinion, but I’m sure it’s safe to say that the majority of us are behind him 100 percent and consider him to be an excellent leader.
I’ve posted a couple of times on this issue, and I’m interested in your opinion as to whether this is a legitimate story or if the MSM is trying to speak for Soldiers (or at least make Americans think they do).

Charles Johnson has posted a report (click here) by “signal soldier” Sgt. Missick from his blog Sgt. Missick, A Line in the Sand that elaborates on Captain Hartney’s point under the heading “Rumsfeld grilled by the troops?” I can’t seem to make the permalink to that post work, but check out Sgt. Missick’s blog and scroll down for additional items of interest.
HINDROCKET adds: Glenn Reynolds has more.
UPDATE: Drudge exposes the workings of the hidden hand: “Rumsfeld set up; reporter planted questions with soldier.”


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