George Washington once wrote that of all the vices, swearing is the meanest, since it doesn’t even do you any good. There is an analogy, I think, to cheating in a contest that doesn’t award a prize. But for some reason, people are willing to cheat in the Wizbang Best Blog contest. First it was the lefties script-voting for Kos et al.; now, someone at IBM has been caught script-voting for the Corner. Wizbang has deducted the fraudulent votes, with the result that the Corner has dropped to fourth place–leaving us in first.
However, LGF’s readers are mounting a big push to take over the lead, and are now just a half-point behind us. So, if you haven’t voted lately (you can vote once a day), we’d appreciate it if you’d consider a vote for us.
Thanks, and thanks, especially, to all who have already voted. To vote, just click the icon below:


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