Rising in the World

I was driving home from work a few minutes ago, listening to the Hugh Hewitt show. Hugh played an interview that someone did earlier today (I think) with Lynne Cheney. They talked about the internet, and blogs came up. The interviewer asked whether Mrs. Cheney reads any blogs. Mrs. Cheney mentioned Hugh–that’s why he played the tape, of course–and then said, “I love Power Line.” I almost drove off the road. She likes InstaPundit and Real Clear Politics, too.
We love you too, Mrs. Cheney. And our eight-year-old daughter loves your books. Say hi to Dick from us.
UPDATE: Thanks to the readers who have written to let us know that Mrs. Cheney’s kind words came in the course of an interview with guest host Campbell Brown on Hardball tonight. See the transcript Hugh Hewitt has posted here.


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