A word from Mr. Carpenter

Both Rocket Man and I had the privilege of practicing law with Norm Carpenter over many years. He set an example of professionalism and civility that we have always aspired to follow. Today he has forwarded us a copy of the following message that he sent to Nick Coleman:

I have two comments on Nick Coleman’s ill-tempered attack on Power Line printed today in the Star Tribune. First, I resent the implication that “Ivy League” is a synonym for wealth and power. My grandfather arrived from Ireland in the 1890s (forty years after Coleman’s ancestors) and went to work on the railroad. By virtue of scholarships and working three jobs I worked my way through an Ivy League school (the same one as Hindrocket and the Big Trunk). After service in the Marine Corps in Korea I went to law school on the GI Bill while working at two jobs. I then joined the same law firm as Hindrocket and Big Trunk. I think my grandfather would have been proud of me — more so than if I had decided to pen ad hominem attacks on people with whom I disagreed. Second, I knew of your father, State Senator Nick Coleman. He would never have stooped to such personal attacks.


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