Nick at Nite

Reader Greg Lang writes:

You might throw Nick Coleman off track by saying that he did a good column, his current one. At my I have linked the past columns by Nick on the woman injured in the St. Paul Daytons’s [department store] bombing forty years ago. This I considered good work since the Symbionese Liberation Army [terrorist] Sara Jane Olson/Kathleen Soliah is in prison until at least 2010, at least in part, due to her addtional effort to make such horrible weapons. In Nick’s latest column he pointed out that Mary Peek died at age 82, still extracting shrapnel. A google search of Mary Peek shows past Nick Coleman columns about this. This is Nick at his best; you should consider saying so.
Nick’s columns on Mary Peek are my “bread and butter” on the horrible effects of terrorist bombs and Nick did a good job following this. You should state this and focus on why the media so strongly protect the bomber’s “privacy.” According to Nick, he is in Washington working for the congressional black caucus. That is where a story might lie.

Coleman’s column today carries a headline that reads ironically in light of his recent attack on us, but the column, as Lang suggests, is a good one: “Waiting for an apology that never came.”


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