Navy Men At Work

Reader Ed McNamara pointed out that the U.S Navy’s web site has some excellent, high-resolution photos of the relief work going on in Indonesia, beginning here. The sailors depicted are from the USS Abraham Lincoln, whose work in the province of Aceh we described over the weekend, here.
In the photo on the left, the devastated landscape of Aceh is seen from inside a U.S. Navy SH-60F Seahawk helicopter. On the right, Sumatrans gather under a helicopter that is about to drop off food and other supplies; the photo shows the flooding that still exists. Click to enlarge, and check out the Navy site for high-res versions.

UPDATE: Reader Patrick Charles makes a great point:

One of the ships helping is the U.S.S. Bonhomme Richard, an amphibious assault vessel carrying U.S. Marines. This is the same ship that [critical phrase deleted] Navy Petty Officer Third Class and darling of the anti-war left, Pablo Paredes, refused to board back in Decemeber because his ship was aiding in the “illegal” war in Irag. This sailor went AWOL back in December and staged a little media party in San Diego back in December. This is a wonderful irony.

Yes it is. The Bonhomme Richard joined the effort in Sumatra today, and will depart for Sri Lanka later this week.


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