Iron Mike’s favorite footballer departs

For the second time in six months, Everton has lost its best player. In August, Wayne Rooney left for Manchester United. Now Thomas “Mad Dog” Gravesen has left for Real Madrid. The Danish midfielder was one of the stars of last summer’s 2004 European Championships, and has continued to shine this season for Everton. There’s nothing new in his departure. Every year, we lose star players to bigger clubs. At least these days, we’re losing them to world class clubs, rather than Fulham, Newcastle, and the Scum across the park.
Everton fans never really appreciated Gravesen until this year. But Mike Tyson did. While in Denmark for a fight a few years ago, Iron Mike decided to watch a match involving the Danish national team. He was so taken by Gravesen’s bone-crunching tackles and non-stop running that he asked to meet “Mad Dog.” For the rest of his stay, Tyson could be seen wearing a Gravesen jersey.
All the best, Tommy.


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