Snowbound, Part II

We hadn’t planned on leaving until tomorrow anyway, so we didn’t mind when we heard that the worst storm in 100 years was heading for the Boston area. Sure enough, Logan Airport is closed indefinitely, as is pretty much everything else. There is a foot or two of snow on the ground, and pretty high winds, but I very much doubt that this is the worst blizzard in a century. There are plenty of people out, and most of the streets are even open, with vehicles getting around rather easily.
There isn’t, however, a great deal to do. We went for a walk a little while ago, but didn’t find much open. We walked to Harvard Square, wandered around a bit, warmed up in the Border Cafe, which had delicious Portuguese fish stew and great country music playing–ranging from Blue Train to Her Daddy’s Money–and made our way back to the Charles Hotel. I took some pictures, which I would have posted except that I didn’t think to bring along a cable to download photos to my laptop.
So we’re looking forward to an awfully quiet afternoon and evening. I hope the museums are open again tomorrow, lest the girls go stir crazy.


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