Jordan Update

Captain Ed is a one-man blog swarm on the Eason Jordan/Davos story. Just keep scrolling. It seems that Jordan has a history of making allegations that don’t turn out to be quite true.
UPDATE: I heard Ed on Hugh Hewitt’s show a few minutes ago. Ed did an excellent job, and his research appears to show that Eason Jordan is an anti-American, anti-military fanatic. What he allegedly said in Davos is actually rather mild. He has said worse, and recently, including the assertion that American soldiers have been guilty of torturing journalists. And he made the same accusation against the Israeli Defense Force that he now makes against the United States army–in that case, an accusation that was contradicted by CNN’s own reporting.
A public relations person from CNN called me today to try to spin the story. The conversation was off the record, so I won’t relate it. All I will say is: she should have called Ed.


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