He is Tom Wolfe

Tom Wolfe is one of my favorite writers; reading his “Radical Chic” in the early 1970’s was something like a life-changing experience for me. Deacon seems to think eqally highly of Wolfe. I haven’t caught up yet with Wolfe’s most recent novel — I Am Charlotte Simmons — but Deacon has, and he places it among Wolfe’s best work. Deacon reported on the panel held on the novel by the Independent Women’s Forum in “An evening with Charlotte Simmons.”
Not having read the novel myself, I have tended to agree with whatever the last piece I read about it said. Today is no exception, but this essay/review by Professor Peter Berkowitz in the current Policy Review is brilliant and thought-provoking — a must-read regardless of the merits of Wolfe’s novel: “He Is Charlotte Simmons.”


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