Meet Michael Ellis

Michael Ellis is a 20-year old Dartmouth student. He is also someone to watch. Michael took last year off from school to work in the Bush campaign, designing questions that were used in the campaign’s “internal” polls. While his class-mates were learning from Dartmouth’s left-wing faculty, Michael was learning from Ken Mehlman and Karl Rove, with whom he worked.
Michael is back at Dartmouth now. Naturally, he is contributing to the Dartmouth Review. Here’s his account of last month’s inaugural festivities, including the Ball, which we attended with him.

The Review also features a beautifully written editorial about Dartmouth’s resilience. (You can tell that Dartmouth is resilient from the way it bounced back from the antics of anti-war protesters like Rocket Man and me). Here’s my favorite line, one that connects 1960s radicals like the Power Line crew members with today’s campus conservatives : “It is easy to be unhappy with the way this school is run. It is difficult, however, to be unhappy at Dartmouth.”