A fake perpetrates a fraud

Ward Churchill has publicly stated that more 9/11-type attacks on our homeland may be “necessary” to prevent the U.S. from doing evil. He has built his academic career on unsubstantiated claims that he is a Native American. In addition, according to University of Colorado law professor Paul Campos, Churchill apparently has fabricated a story about the U.S. Army intentionally creating a smallpox epidemic among the Mandan tribe in 1837. Citing a paper by Thomas Brown of Lamar University, Campos reports that Churchill simply invented almost all of the story’s most crucial facts, and then attributed these “facts” to sources that say nothing of the kind.
In addition, according to Campos, John Lavelle, a Native American scholar, has documented what appear to be equally fraudulent claims on Churchill’s part regarding the General Allotment Act, one of the most important federal laws dealing with Indian lands. Lavelle also accuses Churchill of plagiarism.
HINDROCKET adds: Two readers have submitted comments on Professor Churchill that I think are of interest. Tracy Allen notes that “His degrees are from Sangamon State University, an ‘experiment’ in Illinois that appears to have been designed to create a convergence of Marxists and anarchists.