The Trunk Factor

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The Trunk did an excellent job on Bill O’Reilly’s show tonight. Johnny Dollar has the transcript. A highlight:

Now where did Moyers get this nonsense about Watt to begin with?
JOHNSON: This is unbelievable. He cited an online publication that he as President of a foundation supports, called Grist. And Grist in turn picked it up from a book, an obscure book, that was published in 1990. Grist added a false detail that this was testimony that Watt had given in [1981]. But wait Bill, it doesn’t stop there. Then Moyers, with respect to this alleged testimony that never occurred, and in his accusation of the Bush administration being delusional, Moyers adds, “Beltway elites snickered” when Jim Watt gave this nonexistent testimony. “The press corps didn’t know what he was talking about, but James Watt was serious.” Well the whole thing is a fraud and a farce and here–
O’REILLY: Yeah, he made it up. Moyers just made it up.
JOHNSON: He made it up, in the context of his accusation that the Bush administration is delusional, here is Bill Moyers spinning his own fantasy.

Well put!