From an undisclosed location in Israel

My middle daughter is in northern Israel attending high school with American kids for two months. She left Monday morning and has hit the ground hiking (she’s at the far left in the photo below). Please keep her in your prayers.
UPDATE: Thanks to the several readers who have written (and called) in response to this post. Mike Sechrist has really touched our hearts with a message that fits the day:

I read your post about your daughter just after returning from Ash Wednesday Mass. In keeping with the priest’s admonition to add good works to your life rather than give something up this Lenten season I will add your daughter to my daily prayer list. I hope this is an incredible experience for her and a safe one as well.

UPDATE 2: Dr. Stephen Marmer is one of our favorite correspondents. Dr. Marmer writes from Los Angeles:

Congratulations to you and your daughter for her two month sojurn in Israel. My daughters each did a semester in Israel during the tenth grade at one of our sister schools in Tel Aviv. It was the highlight of high school for them.
I’m heavily involved in that school — Milken Community High School — here in Los Angeles, having been President of their Board of Trustees for eleven years, and now the immediate past-President. Our goal is to be able to offer 100% of our students a meaningful (i.e., two month or longer) Israel experience.
Israel is a fabulous country for youngsters. Teenagers from our school come back with a greater degree of maturity than mere travel can account for. And my daughters returned with a heightened love for Israel that has been sustained ever since.
Power Line readers may wonder whether travel to Israel is safe. I can say that it is. I have been going there twice a year and will be going again this coming May for two and a half weeks. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
It will be my honor and pleasure to keep prayers for your daughter and her fellow students in my mind and in my heart.

Thanks again to all our readers who have written with such warm words.
UPDATE 3: Reader Haider Ajina writes:

May God bless you and your family and watch over your daughter studying in Israel and keep her safe for her return home. I wish more American youngsters would visit Israel and mix with Jews, Arabs (Christian & Muslim) who are living together in Israel. I am certain this trip will be a big eye opener for your daughter and will prepare her for being a well rounded human being. You must be very proud to have such a courageous daughter. I will keep her in my prayers, may she return to you safely and a richer young lady.
N.B. Tomorrow is the Muslim new year (1st. of Muharram) I am sure she will witness some of the local customs and rituals of that day. Also Easter is around the corner and the rituals leading up to it. As you may know Easter is a time of prayer and reflection for most Christians in the middle-east. I remember Christians in Iraq fasting from eating meat and meat products up to Easter and some even had a total fast for 3 days prior to Easter etc…Hearing about her trip has me missing the mideast, specially during religious celebrations.

I think Haider’s message has helped us score a special trifecta of good wishes for my daughter. Sincere thanks to all who have written.