There are some questions that we get asked a lot; as noted below, we can’t respond to all of our email. So here are answers to some of the questions we’ve been asked a number of times:
Q. How can I post on your site?
A. You can’t. This is a blog, not a message board, and we don’t enable comments.
Q. Why don’t you enable comments?
A. Two reasons. First, our observation is that on even the best sites, comments rapidly degenerate into a “so’s your old man” dialogue. Or worse. Second, if we had comments, we would feel obliged to monitor them and delete offensive material. We think our time is better spent researching and writing. Instead of comments, we invite readers to email us. We often print reader comments as updates to our posts, and we often post on topics that are pointed out to us by readers.
Q. I’ve emailed you three times and you never responded. Do you read your email?
A. At least one of us reads almost all emails that come in. We reply to around ten to twenty percent. But we learn a great deal from our email traffic; most emails don’t result in posts and don’t get responded to, but collectively, we probably learn more from those emails than we do from any other source. So please, please keep the emails coming. Unless you just learned about us through a link on the Daily Kos.
Q. Your font is too small.
A. This is a browser issue. Every browser has a setting where you can increase the font size.
Q. Your site comes out in a weird format with my browser.
A. I’ve used all of the major browsers on various computers at work and at home, and the site looks fine. If it looks strange to you, you’re either using a very unusual browser or, more likely, you need to update the version of the browser you’re using.
Q. Your site has looked the same now for a couple of years. Are you going to update it?
A. Yes. Soon.
Q. You guys are always ripping liberals. Do you ever knock conservatives?
A. No. We made a deal with the New York Times. They attack conservatives, and we attack liberals.
Actually, we do criticize conservatives from time to time, but that’s a pretty crowded market niche.
Q. Who funds your organization?
A. We don’t have an organization. Sadly, no one funds us, but for the small amount we receive from Blogads. But we like funds, so if you’re interested in funding us, let us know.
Q. How do you guys find time to do this?
A. We don’t watch television. Plus, there are three of us. We couldn’t do this if we weren’t a group blog. And we’re all pretty compulsive.


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