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Jack Kelly’s Sunday Pittsburgh Post-Gazette column has become a must-read. Kelly is remarkably unaffected by the prevailing journalistic hostility to information circulated via the blogosphere. He not only welcomes the information, he chides his journalistic colleagues for ignoring it and getting the story wrong. Today’s column emphasizes the shortcomings of his journalistic colleagues, prominently quoting soldier/columnist/blogger Austin Bay and asking “when will journalists be held to account for getting every major development in the war on terror wrong?” Kelly’s column is “All but won.”
On a related note, reader Steve Power has kindly forwarded us this excellent column from the Canyon News (of which I had not previously heard) by John Armor speaking up on behalf of bloggers in response to the condemnation issued by the Columbia Journalism Review’s Steve Lovelady: “Eason Jordan-Gate: Confessions of a ‘salivating moron.'” Is it too late for us to offer our own confessions?
UPDATE: John Armor writes:

I am honored that you put up a link to my article on Eason-Gate in the Canyon News. There are a couple stories behind that.
About a year ago, the Editor of Canyon News put a request on the Internet for a “conservative columnist.” That paper circulates in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Laurel Canyon, and other very upscale, very liberal, communities around Los Angeles. Winter, the Editor, is quite pleased with my contributions since they are literate, occasionally funny, and generate several letters of protest each week.
For ten years now I’ve written a weekly column on the Internet as “the (More er Less) Honorable Billybob, Congressman from Western Carolina.” I’m surprised your reader found my column through the least known of its publication outlets. The best known outlet is ChronWatch in San Francisco, which has 20 months of those columns archived as of today. Since you liked “Eason-Gate,” you will probably like “The Manifesto of Pukin Dog,” back in September, 2004, which made the same point about the rise of the blogosphere, but before most of the MSM could spell that word.
All my columns also appear on Free Republic. Selected ones appear in the North Carolina Conservative, a new monthly newspaper in this state.


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