A fashion note on Mrs. World

Reader Cassandra Shore supplements our coverage of the Mrs. World competition last night with an informative fashion note:

I am a regular reader of Powerline, although my profession is teaching Arabic dance, a world very far removed from the world you folks inhabit (a world far removed from most everyone’s daily life for that matter!). I teach said dances as an art form that has been given to the world by North African, Near Eastern and Asian cultures, and I do not inject politics into my business. My belief is that dance is a healing art, celebration of our short life on earth, and a unifying power (if only for a short time!). So I have a little trivial info for you regarding Mrs. Israel’s attire.
The photo is of Mrs. Israel performing on the runway with a pair of what are known in the American & European belly dance community as “Isis Wings.” They are currently all the rage among amateurs students of that slice of the Arabic dance world. Innovations quickly come and go on that scene. She is also wearing a gown that closely resembles the ancient Egyptian engravings and/or temple bas reliefs of the goddess Isis. That would be one reason it rings a bell. Iconic to say the least!
Now that the Sephardim have become more socially acceptable in Israel, belly dance and its attendant folklore dances have become all the rage. Interesting to see it turn up in the pageant. I teach worldwide, and I know many of the Egyptian teachers who regularly travel to Israel to teach workshops on this ancient tradition. Just thought you might be amused.

We are more than amused; we are edified.


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