I Changed My Mind

I don’t like the Academy Awards much, and hadn’t planned on watching, although my three daughters are already glued to pre-event coverage of the “red carpet.” Among other things, the last thing I need to hear is moronic anti-Bush commentary by “comedians” and actors. But, cruising Yahoo News photos as I often do, I ran across this photo, hot off the press (so to speak), of Beyonce Knowles, who will perform tonight:
I changed my mind. I’m watching after all.
UPDATE: That was a mistake, of course. One “Chris Rock,” the host, whom I’ve never otherwise heard of, led off with an idiotic anti-Bush tirade. $70 trillion? Interesting statistic. What was noteworthy was not the host, who obviously knows nothing, but the crowd–every single person there laughed and applauded. So much for the Academy Awards. I’m curling up with a good book, about which more later.
UPDATE 2: For those interested in more of an insider’s take than mine (ha! that would be just about anyone’s), Roger Simon has been live-blogging the ceremony.