The end of a sorry era

As we prepare to celebrate the end of Dan Rather’s tenure, it is worth remembering just how unscrupulous and tendentious Rather has always been. Phillip Chalk of the Weekly Standard reminds us that Rather was “just making it up” as early as 1963, when he first impinged on the national consciousness while covering the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination.
HINDROCKET adds: Speaking of celebrating, if you’re within driving distance of the Twin Cities, don’t miss our “61st Minute” retrospective WEDNESDAY night (5:00 to 7:00 p.m.) at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Minneapolis, sponsored by the Center of the American Experiment (phone for reservations at 612/338-3605). The Trunk and I will recap our role in the 60 Minutes document scandal, discuss the rise of the internet as a political force, and talk about the sequel to the document scandal, including the Thornburgh report and the left’s ongoing efforts to peddle the “fake, but accurate” line. A buffet dinner will be served. C-SPAN will film the show, but it won’t be broadcast live.


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