It’s Raining Bullets. Sort of.

Finally we have a photo of the car that Giuliana Sgrena was riding in when it was shot at by American soldiers at a checkpoint between Baghdad and the Baghdad airport. Ms. Sgrena has said that:

A Humvee appeared, and suddenly the car carrying her came under fire. “It rained bullets. We didn’t have any way of knowing where they were coming from. They fired for a few minutes. It was the worst thing I have lived through.”

In the left-wing Independent, Sgrena says that the American soldiers fired 300 to 400 rounds into her car. Only…with the possible exception of one bullet, they missed her windshield; click to enlarge:

For a vehicle that was riddled with hundreds of bullets fired by normally sharpshooting American soldiers, the car shows astonishingly little damage. If there is any broken glass, it isn’t evident in the photograph. We have a long way to go before getting to the bottom of this story.
Photo is from la Repubblica, courtesy of Michelle Malkin.


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