The supremacy of Uruguay

This inadvertently hilarious Los Angeles Times article by Evelyn Iritani (“Iritani” is perfect — it is the name a traditional novelist might assign her as a character) is an extended editorial criticizing the Bush administration for falling behind the torrid pace set by the Clinton administration in entering into treaties. Not enough treaties! Her example powerfully makes her point: the Bush administration has failed to submit the mighty global tobacco treaty to the senate for ratification. What an outrage.
Power Line question of the day: How many paragraphs into the story before Iritani invokes the Kyoto Treaty? The over/under is six — no cheating! Favorite sentence: “But critics say the administration’s stance is endangering America’s standing in the world and hindering efforts to resolve global problems.” Iritani’s article has given me my first laugh of the day: “U.S. gives cold shoulder to treaties.” Don’t miss it!


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