The IRA is Dead

As we noted here, Sept. 11 was the beginning of the end for the terrorists of the Irish Republican Army. Somehow, terrorism just isn’t cool anymore. The sickeningly brutal murder of Robert McCartney has revealed the IRA and its political toady-arm, Sinn Fein, as just another criminal gang like the Crips and the Bloods. Actually, this has been clear for a long time; why this particular outrage has tipped the balance against the IRA/Sinn Fein is unclear. But, for whatever reason, it has.
So McCartney’s sisters and girlfriend are now the toast of Washington. They will visit the White House tomorrow to meet with President Bush, who, consistent with his anti-terrorist stance, has nothing but contempt for the IRA. In the meantime, it was dangerous to stand between the McCartneys and a camera, as every Congressman and Senator in sight was competing for a photo-op. Even Ted Kennedy, the most visible and irresponsible sponsor of the IRA terrorists over the past decade, refused to meet with Gerry Adams, head of the IRA’s front political arm, and instead posed for an endless series of photos with the McCartneys, of which this was one:
When even the Execrable Ted knows the jig is up, it’s safe, I think, to conclude that the IRA/Sinn Fein is dead.


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