The light of the Sun

The New York Sun reports: “After all its denials, U.N. admits it paid for oil-for-food program aide’s legal bills.” The “aide” is of course Benon Sevan. Call it oil-for-attorney’s fees:

Up until late last week, the U.N. said it had not paid any of Mr. Sevan’s legal fees. But yesterday, U.N. spokesman Fred Eckhard told The New York Sun that the U.N. had been paying his legal bills up until last month.
Mr. Eckhard refused to disclose the sum paid, saying that the legal bills submitted by Mr. Sevan “will be reviewed” by U.N. legal experts, indicating that the exact figure may change. Sources who refused to be named told the Sun, however, that the costs exceed $300,000. Mr. Eckhard did not address the source of the payment to Mr. Sevan’s legal team, which could come from an account financed by Iraqi oil revenues or from U.N. funds. Congress is investigating the oil-for-food scandal.


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