An intimation of tears

Yesterday RealClearPolitics posted a link to the article by Norman Podhoretz from the forthcoming (April) issue of Commentary: “Bush, Sharon, My Daughter and Me.” Davi Bernstein writes from Commentary regarding the article:

It’s not only about Sharon’s disengagement, though it’s also a great introduction to it and the general situation and mood in Israel, it’s also about President Bush’s leadership.
When Daniel P. Moynihan broke Podhoretz’s heart by joining the steadily leftward drift of the Democratic party, he “resolved that from then on I would abide by the words of the Psalmist: ‘Put not your trust in princes.’ Is it now flying out again in relation to George W. Bush? I cannot in all honesty dismiss the possibility. And yet neither can I dismiss the possibility that this is one prince who, on the basis of repeated demonstration, deserves to be trusted.”
And: “To say once more what cannot be said too often


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