The global left’s vision of blogging

Lots of good stuff on Thomas Joscelyn’s blog, Venona Project. Scroll down to March 29, for example, and check out his discussion of the Atocha Workshop, a forum for critics of the U.S.-led war on terror. Joscelyn’s report emphasizes the desire of the global left to regulate news media, especially blogs. In the words of one participant:

Perhaps there needs to be a global inciative [sic] to improve journalism. To create standards and processes through which to include new technologies like blogging. Perhaps it begins with an academic study on the issue. The absence of variety in the media is a threat to democracy. Also, perhaps it is time to revisit the issue of whether public ownership is bad thing in the media.

It’s all there: an academic study, standards and processes to regulate speech, state-run media, and the fake quest for diversity.