Friends of Bill?

Diana West is annoyed with the act of the “White House three amigos” — Bush I, Bill Clinton, and Bush II. Personally, I consider it healthy for a president and an ex-president from the opposite party to come together, especially with the nation at war. This is no less true when the ex-president from the opposite party is thoroughly tacky.
I admit, however, that the deal seems quite one-sided. Clinton gets a chance to shine (or at least to show-off in public); he gains some much-needed respectability by associating with men of class and rectitude; and his wife receives a small boost in her attempt to appear mainstream. What does President Bush get in return, Clinton’s support and friendship? I doubt it. In any case, unless you need a presidential pardon, Clinton’s friendshp hasn’t been much of a blessing on those who have obtained it in the past.


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