Clinton case mystery witness identified

Josh Gerstein follows up on his New York Sun story of yesterday regarding the identity of the informant in the Clinton fundraising case. As our readers helped us guess last night, the mystery witness is Senator Kennedy’s brother-in-law Raymond Reggie: “A Kennedy relative acted as informant in Democrat circles.” Gerstein writes:

The disclosure that Reggie was surreptitiously recording conversations for the FBI may have caused some heartburn yesterday for Democrats who have had contact with him since 2002.
Reggie was a regular presence at Mr. Clinton’s side when he visited New Orleans during his presidency and thereafter. Just last September, Mr. Clinton had lunch in that city with Reggie, as the former president swung through town to sign his autobiography and attend a $10,000-a-head Democratic Party fund-raiser, the Times-Picayune newspaper reported. A former congresswoman and ambassador to the Vatican, Lindy Boggs, joined Reggie and Mr. Clinton at the lunch, as did two federal judges whom Mr. Clinton appointed.
When Mrs. Clinton traveled to New Orleans in May 2000 to raise $100,000 for her Senate campaign, Reggie was on the host committee.
An attorney for the Clintons, David Kendall, had no immediate response yesterday to questions about Reggie’s role in Mrs. Clinton’s Senate campaign or about the possibility that Reggie might have taped one or both of the Clintons.

An FBI affidavit in the upcoming criminal trial related to Senator Clinton’s August 2000 Hollywood fundraiser describes Reggie (then an unnamed informant) as having been “involved in the planning of the Clinton gala.”


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