He’s Working On It

Decision ’08 has a progress report on John Kerry’s effort to sign a form 180 to release his military records, now entering its fourth month:

In a hastily organized news conference, a spokesman for the Perpetual John Kerry for President Campaign said the initial phases of “Operation Sign Form SF-180” were going better than expected. Specifically, in the 90 days since Kerry promised on national television to sign the form releasing his military records, the following milestones have been achieved:
–a pen has been procured from a Walmart on the outskirts of Little Rock “for substantially less than the $12,000 budgeted”;
–a special committee has been formed to discuss the best way to remove the cap from the pen;
–a copy of the notoriously difficult to obtain form has been located on eBay and bidding is underway; and
–a “Dinner With John” fundraising extravaganza is in the works to obtain the necessary postage to mail the signed form, should such a step be required.

UPDATE: Archie Thomas is puzzled:

Strange I mailed a copy with a stamped envelope – addressed to the proper offices – to John Kerry’s office in Washington over two months ago with a request for him to complete it. He must be good at filling out forms – is that not the way he got all of those medals?


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