Dr. Kelly’s prescription

In his Pittsburgh Post-Gazette column, Jack Kelly observes the stakes for Republicans in the current battles on Bolton and the filibuster: “The Republicans are losing the PR battle.” Recall that Democrats lost ground in the Senate and the House as well as losing the presidential election only five months ago. Recall that President Bush commenced his second term only three months ago. If President Bush gets rolled by Democrats in Congress on the battles he should win easily at the outset of his term, it’s going to be a long, long four years.
Kelly calls for “a Republican with a spine.” Kelly’s prescription also explains the current Democratic/media war on Tom DeLay; the war on DeLay marks him as one of the most valuable players on the Republican team. President Bush’s appearance with DeLay last week demonstrates that, whatever the justice of Kelly’s criticism of Bush’s political operation, President Bush understands the acuity of Kelly’s prescription for Republicans.


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