The 50-minute hour…

is insufficient to get to the bottom of the inspired lunacy that permeates the contemporary left. The treatment of Ann Coulter presents an interesting case study.
Ann Coulter’s April 18 talk at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul is the subject of heckling and rude behavior by lefty students who are over their head seeking to “challenge” her. The local newspaper’s fatuous columnist condemns Coulter’s talk as “hate speech,” the university president, who missed the talk but caught the wave, issues a formal statement condemning the talk as “hateful speech,” and a university administrator summons the student who introduced Coulter to meet with students claiming their feelings were hurt by Coulter’s remarks. The mental health specialists at the university health service were apparently otherwise engaged.
In Texas the lunatic left’s Coulter hysteria reached some kind of a fever pitch last night with the disruption of Coulter’s speech by the vulgar fantasies of one Ajaj Raj. His feelings too were undoubtedly in a state of disrepair as a result of his subjection to the unfettered speech of the unsettling Ms. Coulter.
Fortunately, we have a doctor in the house and on the case. The estimable Perry Branson, M.D. is the proprietor of ShrinkWrapped. He observes the pattern at work in “Dangerous portents.”


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