Green dreams come true

The three of us who write for Power Line are Dartmouth alumni who share feelings of gratitude for the educational experience the school afforded us. We naturally took an interest in this spring’s trustee election after outsider candidates Peter Robinson and Todd Zywicki qualified to run by petition, and we thought the story would be of interest to a wider audience during a famously dark season for the academy. We heard from many readers, both alumni and non-alumni, who expressed interest in the story as we covered it and we thank the remainder of our readers for indulging us.
Yesterday Dartmouth officially announced the election of Robinson and Zywicki: “Dartmouth board elects Peter Robinson and Todd J. Zywicki alumni trustees.” The press release carries good photographs and profiles of Robinson and Zywicki.
I interviewed both Peter and Todd for the Daily Standard column I wrote on the election as they were collecting petitions to qualify for the trustee election ballot: “Bucking the deans at Dartmouth.” (Both Peter and Todd refrained from saying anything that could be construed as “campaigning.”) We followed the roller coaster ride of the election in the subsequent posts on this site (former students of Jeffrey Hart and Peter Bien: see if you can spot the allusions and motifs!):
“Green dreams.”
“Tear down this wall, take 3.”
“The case of the disappearing e-mail.”
“Ack attack.”
“Tear down this wall.”
“More honored in the breach.”
“Another brick in the wall.”
“Where motley is worn.”
“Disinformation, Dartmouth-style.”
“Wherever green is worn.”
“Cheating green dreams.”
“Regarding the Dartmouth trustee election.”
“A green victory.”
Unlike Bill McKay (Robert Redford) in the 1972 film “The Candidate,” Peter and Todd won’t be asking themselves “What do we do now?” Congratulations and best wishes to them as they undertake their new responsibilities to the small college we love.


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