Pepsi’s moving finger…

writes and, having writ, erases, rewrites and attempts to move on. Yesterday the Web site of PepsiCo flagged Indra Nooyi’s public relations statement on her graduation remarks at the Columbia Business School MBA recognition ceremony this past Sunday. In her statement Ms. Nooyi wrote that her remarks had unfortunately been “misconstrued.”
As John notes below, PepsiCo has now replaced Ms. Nooyi’s statement with an apology. On second thought, with the text of the speech having been made available, Ms. Nooyi no longer blames her audience or readers for misconstruing her speech, but herself for “unintentionally depict[ing] our country negatively and hurt[ing] people.” The statement now posted on PepsiCo’s site reads:

Following my remarks to the graduating class of Columbia University


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