Meet Shiri Maimon

Rick Richman of Jewish Current Issues writes:

Since you guys have been doing stellar work covering beautiful women in international competition, I thought you might be interested in Israel’s better-than-expected showing Sunday in the 40-nation Eurovision Song Contest (and the picture of Israel’s contestant).

Rick’s post is “Israel at the Eurovision song contest.” Rick adds that his interest is limited to the portrayal of Israel as a vibrant society that chooses its contestant in a democratic process, but that he added the picture for our benefit.
Rick’s post features Shiri Maimon, a lady with a venerable name in Jewish history. Moses ben Maimon (Moses son of Maimon, or Maimonides) was the twelfth-century sage who must be one of the most remarkable men of all time. My old friend Maimon Schwarzschild was named after him; Maimon S. is now professor of law at the University of San Diego Law School and blogger at The Right Coast. See Maimon’s co-authored essay on the Supreme Court affirmative action decisions of 2003: “Grutter or otherwise: Racial Preferences and Higher Education.”
UPDATE: Maimon S. writes that he’s off to the airport, but notes that “Shir in Hebrew means ‘song,’ so Shiri means ‘song-y.’ I wonder if it’s her real name?” I wonder if Maimon is her real name!
UPDATE 2: Several readers have written to point out that “shiri” means “my song” in Hebrew. Reader Rick Vatsaas has also written to alert us to The Official Shiri Maimon site.


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